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Tree Surgeons in Adswood, Stockport

Tree pruning and tree removal experts

Our staff of expertly qualified, hand-selected, and certified tree surgeons in Adswood will work with you to offer the best tree service that meets your needs. Our tree surgeon teams are always willing to provide free advice and tree surveys in straightforward English, we are aware that industry jargon and inexperience may be rather off-putting.

Our tree specialists will pay close attention to you in order to completely comprehend your goals before making a recommendation for the best course of action. By balancing your goals with the tree’s health, beauty, conservation, health and safety, and legal requirements, we hope to fulfil your aims.

Our knowledgeable arborists, who are friendly and experienced, will maintain your garden in a neat and orderly manner after the work is complete. All of our employees are incredibly kind and will always respect your home, your trees, and your personal space.

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Google Reviews:

Amazing job, very fast and efficient. As well as very friendly and professional. Dominic and his colleague did a great job removing the willow tree in my garden. Highly recommended their services.

Can’t thank the team enough for the service they have provided to me. Such a friendly team and all so nice! 10/10 service! Highly recommend this company for any big garden jobs! Thanks to the team again

Amazing job⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. 11 conifer trees removed in a day. The team of four worked all day to remove the trees and cleaned them up after they had finished. It was a massive job and they worked flat out. It’s made a big difference and improved the light and also the whole street looks better now too! I think the birds are baffled as to where the trees are this morning but there are plenty more in the street for them to perch on, especially in the park nearby! Thank you for all your hard work. The best Tree Surgeons ever!

Professional, knowledgable and extremely friendly service. The team were highly efficient and did a perfect job. Have used them before and will use them again. Stop looking around and call these guys!

Commercial Tree Surgery

Our team of highly skilled tree surgeons at Adswood Tree Surgeon offers commercial arboricultural services to real estate management firms, sheltered housing providers, educational institutions, businesses, and other commercial enterprises.

We work on a variety of projects, such as site clearing and protected tree campaigns. We are specialists at removing trees from “tight spots” where high-value objectives are underneath, there are busy pedestrian areas or traffic problems, or where there is very little access.

Without constant supervision, our teams of tree surgeons may manage your project from receiving planning approval through completion. Our committed tree consultants will ensure that all work is completed precisely and in accordance with your specifications and will almost immediately answer inquiries.

All of our staff members are really pleasant and always friendly and respectful to everyone we come into contact with, regardless of whether there are any difficulties with surrounding properties, your clients, or the general public.

In Adswood, we offer our clients commercial tree surgery in the following areas of expertise:


Domestic Tree Surgery

At Stockport Tree Surgeon, our teams of highly skilled and qualified tree surgeons provide domestic arboricultural services to homeowners in Adswood and surrounding areas.

We undertake a wide variety of tree-related tasks, from hedge reduction to full-tree crown reductions. We are experts at tree removal in “tight spots”. Where high-value targets are beneath the tree; where there are busy pedestrian areas or road traffic issues; or where the access for removal is extremely limited.

Our tree consultant will listen carefully to understand what you are aiming for and recommend the most appropriate solution for you. We aim to achieve a balance between your objectives, the health of the tree, aesthetics, conservation, health and safety, and legal regulations.